Oct. 22, 2018 Faith & Worship Directory

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Bethel Tabernacle Church of God 661 W. County Road, 400 S. Kokomo, IN 46902
First Church of God of Kokomo State Road 26 & Park Rd Kokomo, IN 46902
Woodland Church of God 3401 S Webster St Kokomo, IN 46902
City of Refuge Church of God in Christ 1001 E Lordeman St Kokomo, IN 46901-2506
(765) 452-5953
Refreshing Springs Church of God in Christ 3112 Easy Street Kokomo, IN 46902
Christian Light Church of God 538 E County Road 400 S Kokomo, IN 46902
Church of God of Prophecy 1023 N Armstrong St Kokomo, IN 46901
Grace Memorial Institutional Church of God in Christ, Inc. 1417 N Delphos St Kokomo, IN 46901
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